(An original Avenger patch) 

Provided by Mike Berry

Dave Speer on standby at Kontum Airfield 

(December 68)


                   Mortar hit in the Arsenal (parking area for the Avenger Gunships) 

no damage to any aircraft 

(April 69)

Ghostrider Operations  

(April 69)

The public accommodations at the An Khe Airfield while an Avenger fire team was TDY at Camp Radcliff.  

See unit history "Avengers in An Khe".

And who said Avengers did not have class.  

 (June 69)

   The Arsenal revetment parking area for the Avenger gunships.

 (April 69)

     MK-40 Rockets stored in the Arsenal ready for rearming.  

  Two most popular warheads, M151 HE ten pound,

     and the XM229 HE seventeen pound warhead.  

(April 69)

Replacement aircraft for AC 67-173316, lost on September 14, 1969, 

insignia on the aircraft side was the ll Corps.  Note the pilot armored seat behind the 

aircraft commander for the Commanding General of ll Corps.  

(October 69)


Photos provided by Dave Speer 

Lawrence Smith, Avenger 8

Mark Burchard,
KIA 11/17/69

CPT. William R. McKibben
25 April 1970

Tony Shoemaker, Edd Shin, Jay Martinak, Ron Fish, Lyn Hooper, Dick Butler,Pat Leary and Gerry Sandlin
52d CAB Reunion October 2000

Avenger Platoon 1970

Can you identify them?

Left to right: Dowd, Pierce, Cockrell, McCormick, Hatton, Wiest.
Robert L. Pierce was KIA on April 25, 1970 during the siege of Dak Seag. He was the AC


Avenger 533

these pictures were sent to me by a c/e that I flew with...........The aircraft is 552, and the crew chief standing next to me is Tom Freiz (not sure of the spelling) this was my first ship, and was I proud.......the other picture of me hanging around was taken at Duco........I was put in that position after being rolled around in the dirt first.........

I believe that the tall drink of water in the back ground is Emory Lord, nickname is JC........Hope these help.......

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