JUNE 2019


Greetings Ghost Riders, Avengers, Caretakers, friends and family.  I hope and trust this finds each enjoying the summer, spending time with family and friends and enjoying life.


There does not seem to be much news to pass on to you but I did not want you to think we had forgotten about you.  There is not a day that goes by that in some way someone or many make our day more pleasing because of you.  Yes we do get an occasional death notice that saddens us.  We try to let you know.  This is not something we enjoy doing. 


The 189th AHC website has gone through some updating and more is to come.  We ask that you drop by and check it out.  I think I have lost some photos.  So if you are browsing through and note some are missing and you have a copy I would appreciate if you would send me a copy in an email. 


REUNIONS:  As of this date I have not received a report of how the VHPA reunion in Kansas City was and who attended.  I hope it was a good one and well attended.

VHCMA:  The 2019 Crew Members reunion will be held in Augusta, Georgia June 11-16, 2019. We have signed the contract with the Marriott hotel in Augusta for our 2019 reunion.  For more information check the web site.

57th AHC:  The 2019 reunion will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota September 12 - 15, 2019 at the Double Tree by Hilton.  For more information check the web site.

179th ASCH:  The 2019 reunion will be October 8-10, 2019 at Hilton Garden Inn Midtown, Savannah, GA 31405.  For more information check the web site.

189th AHC:  As of now the 189th reunion will be held 7-11 October 2020.  Location is yet to be determined.  This reunion will have a theme of “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans”.  Mark your calendar for these dates.  Tell the grandchildren and others that you have these days reserved for you.  This will be a special reunion for many so as always invite your family friends, and Vietnam buddies to attend.  Let’s plan to make this reunion the most attended reunion the 189th has ever had. 

That is all I can find on Unit Reunions at this time.  So if you were in another unit you check out their web site.

Vietnam Stories:   Have you got a story that you would like to share about your time with the 189th or a related subject?  I bet you do.  I know many of you are talking to one another in the Hospitality Room telling one story after another (It does get pretty deep in there).  Why do we not put them on paper and share them.  I am sure that we each have been in a situation that was something we would not have experience if we had not been there.  Write your story and send it to me and I will add it to the website and maybe put them in a binder to share at the reunion.  So what if you miss spell a word or two?  I think I know a couple of school teachers who would love to review them and correct where necessary.  Let’s make this a #1 ideal.


Pilot’s Perch Article: By Steve SchmidtHi guys, hope you and your families are doing well.  Beth and I have been blessed with five children, eight grandchildren and now our first great-granddaughter is to be born in October. May we all be blessed to see our great-grandchildren?


And talk about blessings - this morning we saw two eagles in our backyard. Couldn’t get a good look at them so don’t know if they were bald eagles, but they were big. We have many vultures, but these were making eagle sounds – like they had a squirrel or something good to eat. We have seen them many times and have heard their eagle calls. This morning we heard the eagle calls which drew our attention to the backyard and we saw them below the tree canopy.


The best blessing would be to see you all again. The flying friends who always had my back when I needed it and the ones who made my life bearable when I was away from my family. So my 189th AHC family will always be on my mind.


Regards to all, Steve Schmidt (“Silver Lead” – 1st A/L Platoon)


Pat Leary Writes:  Thanks to all the Ghost Riders, Avengers, Caretakers and Pathfinders who have supported FVSO.   2019 has been a most productive year.  We have 29 students in college or trade school now.  We just bought a banana farm, and increased the water capacity at VS4.


We are in the process of building a proper girls bathroom at VS5, sanitizing the pig farm at VS5 and building a classroom at VS3.  We still have a long long way to go to get them to sustainability but we can see big progress thanks to all you did then and are doing now.


On our last trip in March John Brown accompanied our team. John is a retired SF Medic who worked FOB / SOG and remembers the Ghost Riders and Avengers.  During his trip he reunited with Sr Gabrielle who he worked with in 1970 at the orphanage and Minh Quay.


Look for his stories in the FVSO newsletter in August and September.  Pat


Gerry’s Travels:  We are not traveling like we use to and I miss it.  We have stayed mostly at home since the DC reunion.  In February we were invited back to Memphis to visit with the doctors and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Memphis where we had another great visit and a part in UTHC receiving 1.1 Million Dollar Grant for Operation of the Stroke Mobile.  (Click on the blue link and it will take you to the article)  We went back in April for making of a film with all the doctors, Stroke Team and others for Stroke Awareness.  We went to Ft. Worth for a fund raising for the Museum and I visited the Camp Holloway Memorial Wall.  In mid April we flew to Oregon to see our son and his family and especially 2 great grand babies, both of them girls.  This was a hard trip on Bobbye and I and I don’t think I will make another one.  We had intended to go to Missouri for a dedication of another Vietnam Memorial where Tom and Julia Hogenmiller live but we both came home from Oregon sick and mostly have just visited the doctors since.  We hope we can do something with the motor home in the near future.   Make sure and keep the dates open for the 2020 reunion.  We would love to FILL The House and “Welcome Ever Vietnam Veteran HOME”. 


Gerry Sandlin  “Brothers forever”

189th AHC