189th Ghostrider Patch

189th Assault Helicopter Company 
2003 Reunion

Atlanta, Georgia

Gerry & Bobbye Sandlin
Welcomes the 2003 Reunion Attendees

Atlanta, Georgia

The 2003 189th Reunion

2003 189th Reunion Photo

Bill Fraker, Bob Taylor & Kenneth McGarity
Meet after 35 years.

Kenneth McGarity, George Meeker and John Silversmith
It's been a long time


1967-1968 Avengers
2003 Reunion

1967-1968 Ghostriders and 604th Trans

Gerry Sandlin
Over looks Atlanta

George Meeker and Ken McGarity
Fly once again

The 189th Flies the sky once again

Gerry Sandlin
Opens the Saturday night Dinner
2003 Reunion

Bill Fraker remembers lost members of the 189th AHC

Bobbye Sandlin Gives Welcome Presentation

Neil Leva Speaks to the 189th AHC Reunion

On top of Georgia

And their was a Pinic

The girls smile as they go flying

Gerry Sandlin and Neil Leva talk about their Vietnam years together

Tony Gambone, Bob Taylor, Ken McGarity, Travis Gillis, and John Silversmith

Jerry Seago's Gun Ship

Bobby Sanders
Ghostrider Vl

Neil and Susan Leva
Ghostrider Vl

The hospitality room

I don't believe a word

Bigg Daddy John Silversmith and Bob Taylor
back together

The singing Ghostrider
Gene Womack


The Crossed eyed singing Ghostrider and the Princes

Eugene & Yuriko Womack

And their was dancing

And more dancing

189th AHC